The first impact investment and entrepreneurship think tank in Indonesia


INTRA, the short acronym for Impact Investment and Entrepreneurship Think Tank, is formed to increase the visibility and discussion of impact investment by the very players who understand and reflect on Indonesia and its related Asia’s regional market through knowledge generation and knowledge leverage.

With its innovative and ever changing, impact investing cases presents an opportunity to grow social entrepreneurs as the catalysts to solve social issues. This statement is, of course, very contextualised to where and what are the issues. In the case of Indonesia and emerging Asia market, social entrepreneurship was started as a movement and yet being acknowledged within the country’s supported ecosystem, thus, there are interests from both investors, entrepreneurs, civil societies, and governments.

Produced by the very early advocators, players, experts, and researchers of impact investing in Indonesia and global, INTRA aim to provide the services as the leading thought leader in the scene, including to gather and shelter the publications and information under an easy to read platform. The thought-leading pieces and supporting activities will be continuously produced and shared by INTRA through the Impact IDN and ANGIN’s social media platforms and website starting this 2021 – to distribute and democratize the knowledge to different layers of stakeholders which equally take part in the country’s development of impact-investing.


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