Who is also investing in impact in Indonesia?

Not only impact investors, Mainstream Investors (sometimes referred as “commercial investors”) such as East Ventures, 500 Startups, Alpha JWC, and many other Venture capital firms, Corporate VC, holding companies also invest in impact-driven enterprises, that we mentioned in our report as Enterprises in Impact Areas

Enterprises in Impact Areasare not necessarily considered themselves (or by the public) social enterprises as per the common definition which involved impact intention, measurement and for-profit model generating the impact. However, these Enterprises in Impact Areas do contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and key impact areas for Indonesia such as financial inclusion, SMEs financing, access to education, better tax system, improved agriculture value chains or waste management among others critical themes (you can find these impact themes on the GIIN Iris Metrics system)

Impact Investors are by mandate aiming to leverage their investments in impact-driven enterprises and social enterprises to create their impact. Our first ranking highlighted the most active Impact Investors in Indonesia. It was an easier exercise as we considered that all investments made by these impact investors were social enterprises and impact-driven enterprises. We did not have to operate a complex filtering of their portfolios.

Written by: Angin Editorial
Source: Angin.id