Tracking Progress on Women in Leadership Roles Across G20 & Guest Countries

Reducing the gender gap among the G20 Leaders has become a commitment since the 2014 Summit in Brisbane. The gender gap exists at every level of the workforce, especially in labour market outcomes, including job quality and access to leadership roles in various countries. The G20 countries then initiate to tackle this issue by promoting women’s participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies and occupations, although the result has been dilatory.

Many efforts have been rolled out in small, medium, and large-size businesses, as well as governments, to support women’s equitable inclusion in the workforce and at leadership levels. However, not all the efforts yielded the expected outcomes. Women’s roles in a company are still lagging behind, especially at the most senior levels.

Therefore, to ensure and to understand where we are now in reducing the gender gap, measurement is a must. Measurement is the point of the outcomes of G20 EMPOWER 2021 commitments, as the main focus of this G20 EMPOWER KPI Dashboard is to ensure that the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) programs are a strong focus to be implemented and measured, not only an utter commitment.

Please download and read the document regarding this through the link below to get more insight into women’s roles and promotions in the workforce across G20 & Guest Countries.