Preserving Investment Impact in Myanmar

This paper presents a case study of Myanmar Enabling Investment Programme (MEIP), a market shaping initiative that adapted its activities to support Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), private investors and portfolio companies to navigate crisis and redefine their roles and responsibilities with the goal of preserving impact in post-coup Myanmar.

CDC and FMO developed MEIP to address systemic barriers to business and fund performance in order to drive increased impact-oriented investment flows to Myanmar. One month after the programme’s launch in January 2021, a military coup hurled Myanmar into crisis, with profound implications for its people, economy and global standing.

In the months since, investors and their portfolio companies have wrestled with whether or not to remain invested and how best to preserve impact. They have faced severe political, economic and social disruptions, increased scrutiny, and pressing operational concerns like risks to staff safety and limited access to cash. As a result, investors restructured their Myanmar engagements, shifting from actively evaluating potential investment opportunities to ensuring the financial and operational resiliency of their current assets and identifying options for continued support and impact.

Source: MEDA – Mennonite Economic Development Associates
Authors: Kim Beevers and Naithy Cyriac