Op-ed: The future of Socially Responsible Investing is in Female Hands

Interest in socially responsible investing skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To that point, environmental, social and corporate governance funds captured $51.1 billion of net new money from investors in 2020 — a record and more than double the net inflows in 2019, according to Morningstar research.

So, who is behind this massive growth in sustainable investments?

It’s women who are wealthy and socially conscious. Global wealth demographics have their part to play in this trend. Women — overall — are richer now than ever before. And they are soon to get even richer.

As sustainable investing continues to grow, women are taking the lead as investors, industry decision-makers and corporate executives. Studies show that women are more willing to accept higher risk or lower return from investments in companies that have positive impacts on the world.

Source: CNBC
Author: Cathy Curtis