Knowledge Exchange Series: Insights from global impact investing market-builders

The Impact Investing Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation which aims to accelerate the growth and improve the effectiveness of the impact investing market. Our vision is for lives to improve, as more people choose to use their savings and investments to help solve social and environmental challenges, as well as seeking a financial return.

The Impact Investing Institute, and its predecessor the UK NAB, has supported demand-side actors through its convening, advocacy and research role. The focus of this work has evolved as the impact investing market in the UK has matured. The Institute has never set up funds or distributed capital, as other organisations in the UK fulfil this role. Over time, the Institute has shifted from focusing on social enterprise as a driver of impact, to the wider impact economy, and most recently towards advocating for purpose to be put at the heart of all enterprises and investments.

This session of the Knowledge Exchange Series explored how impact investing National Advisory Boards (NABs) and other market-building organisations can effectively partner with development finance institutions (DFIs) to leverage sources of finance, expertise, and solutions to support economic development and quality of life in their respective markets.

The session was moderated by Laurie Spengler, Lead Expert for International Development at the Impact Investing Institute. The session featured Tenbite Ermias, Managing Director and Head of Africa at CDC, the UK DFI; Maria Glover, Projects Lead at the Impact Investors Foundation (The Nigerian NAB); and Jeroen Harteveld, manager of the Dutch DFI’s (FMO) MASSIF Fund and Member of the Netherland NAB, alongside participants from global NABs and market-building organisations.

Source: Impact Investing Institute