Investment Gallery Makadaya Fellowship 2022

From left to right: Citra Savitri, Adriani Putri, Sarita Anggun, Ryan Feinstein, and Johan Tandoko

ANGIN was invited to the Investment Gallery Makadaya Fellowship 2022, which was held by Makadaya and PLUS (Platform Usaha Sosial) on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. This event aimed to showcase eight finalists of Makadaya Fellowship 2022 namely Adya Foundation, Jejak Rimba Raya, Kopi Gucialit, Nutrily, Panarima Indonesia, Plastavfall Solution, Seraya Popcorn, and Sumatra Wild Adventure. These social enterprises have undertaken training, mentoring, and capacity building by Makadaya and PLUS since June 2022 which has helped them increase the sustainability and impact of their businesses. Here is the short brief of the social enterprises aforementioned:

Adya Foundation is a social enterprise from Bali that focuses on increasing access to education and literacy through children’s illustration books. Not only providing access to reading books for children but through the story of the books, Adya foundation also teaches the readers to respect differences.

Jejak Rimba Raya, a social enterprise from Aceh whose mission is to achieve SDG 13: Climate Action by restoring the forest of the Leuser ecosystem through the development of community-based ecotourism, conservation, and collaboration.

Kopi Gucialit is a social enterprise with a focus to increase the selling value of coffee in Gucialit District through collaboration with farmers and empowerment as well as to enhance the number of job opportunities available to young people in the village.

Nutrily is a social enterprise to provide a solution to the problem of stunting for families by accommodating additional plant-based foods for mothers and children. Nutrily also provides counselling to families on how to prevent stunting. 

Panarima is a social enterprise from Boyolali Regency, Central Java that creates ethical and eco-fashion products with fashionable designs targeting youth. Panarima partnered up with home tailors, empowering women within the area.

Plastavfall Solution, a social enterprise from Bandung specializes on waste management services with the goal of transforming waste into a good circular economy. On the other side, Plastavfall also offers education on waste sorting so that waste problems from upstream to downstream can be properly resolved.

Seraya Popcorn helps underprivileged dryland farmers in Seraya Village by processing the farmers’ corn into various processed corn and popcorn products. A part of the sales revenue is donated to the farmers in Seraya Village for their children’s education and their fulfilment of basic needs.

Sumatra Wild Adventure is born from the spirit of conservation, this social enterprise offers tourism activities in collaboration with the local community to protect wildlife and local culture on Sumatra Island.

It was a pleasure to witness how this program could improve the quality of social enterprises while also facilitating them to connect with more players in the ecosystem, which can open up more prospects for them in the future. Hopefully, there will be more programs or initiatives like this in the near future.