Invest in Our Planet: Here are East Ventures’ environmental agents to save the Earth

The world celebrates Earth Day every 22 April. Earth day is an event to raise public awareness regarding environmental protection and also a time for us to reflect on what kind of contributions we have given to our mother nature.

We understand our biggest platform, the Earth, faces critical issues, including global warming, plastic pollution, food waste, biodiversity loss, melting ice caps and sea-level rise, ocean acidification, food and water insecurity, agriculture, etc. We need to address these problems quickly as these issues can further threaten the ecosystem and the future generation. 

As living creatures, we believe that every layer has to contribute and take action quickly, even in a tiny part. In 2022, the Earth Day theme is “Invest In Our Planet,” in which everyone – businesses, governments, and citizens – is accountable for rescuing our planet. As the signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI),  East Ventures emphasizes our commitment to investing in startups that create impacts in tackling the climate crisis and bringing solutions to environmental issues.

Source: East Ventures