Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Becoming More Sustainable

The concept of sustainable development is finally making real progress in Indonesia through Indonesia Vision 2050, and the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD).

The Indonesia Vision 2050 project aims to have the planet’s “nine billion people living well, within the limits of the Earth’s resources, by 2050.” For Jakarta specifically, the issues are familiar and becoming more pressing every day. IBCSD believes that the Jakarta government needs to review and assess all the risks and opportunities in terms of the ecosystem associated with the city’s operations.

As pointed out in President Jokowi’s proposal to move the capital to another location, Jakarta is sinking at an alarming rate. This is exacerbated by Jakarta’s conventional drainage systems, climate change and inadequate provision of water infrastructure so that there are still too many people who use groundwater in their homes and factories. As a result, Jakarta is finding it difficult to mitigate problems related to floods, land subsidence and seawater intrusion.

Source William Woodruff | NOW! JAKARTA