Impact Investment Funds for NGOs: A Guide

Guides on How To Get Impact Investment Funds for NGOs

Previously, we talked about impact investment, what the practice is all about and how it can benefit impact projects as well as investors seeking to park their funds with deserving projects. The sole purpose of impact investing is to channel the capital toward generating measurable & sustainable social impact.

This blog delves deeper into the concept of impact investment and is dedicated to social entrepreneurs and impact project managers who seek to gain investment for their sustainable initiatives.

Undeniably, the global market of impact investing is rapidly expanding. As per a 2019 USAID survey on annual impact investment, as much as $239 billion was pooled in for impact investing assets. It is a no-brainer that some of the most common and highly sought-after industries and sectors luring impact investors include health, education, clean energy, sanitation, food, housing, access to clean water, among others.

So, what does it take to get the impact investors to make a contribution to your project? How can one find impact investment or funds for NGOs’ sustainable projects?

Written by: Yosy Christy Natalia