The private sector has great potential to drive social changes. We have seen how investments made in thriving businesses, with the support of experts and professionals, have opened up opportunities to achieve sustainable and lasting impact without compromising financial gains. This runs parallel with the situation in Indonesia in terms of its rising social entrepreneurship scene and impact investing activities.

As the trend of the global economy starts following the direction of impact investments made within the region, Ford Foundation seeks this opportunity to unite stakeholders with market players by facilitating dialogues, uniting visions and initiating connections through IMPACT IDN. Starting with its collaboration with Communications 4 Change, Idelaju and Katadata in 2020, IMPACT IDN was born to amplify impact investing activities in Indonesia. Its main focus centers around raising public awareness through talks, as well as aggregating news, online discussions, and social media activities.

This year, IMPACT IDN is powered by ANGIN’s own Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship Think Tank (INTRA); INTRA supports and stresses IMPACT IDN’s activities to generate knowledge, and to harness this collaborative knowledge for better results in impact investing.