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Become social entrepreneurs

Today, Indonesia ranks  17th in the best country for social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs or innovators who wish to bring solutions by inventing  businesses or creating an innovation with sustainable and measurable impact for people and the environment whilst making financial return.

Their role in improving welfare is key, as Indonesia needs to start cultivating an entrepreneurial culture where business and frugal innovation thrive in order to overcome the problems of gender inequality, poverty, education, health and employment.

To fulfil their roles of empowerment, social entrepreneurs need to work closely with other stakeholders within the ecosystem of impact investing to receive the funding and direction they would need to operate their social enterprises.

Becoming impact investors

For investors, the dual focus on profit and purpose can be a source of competitive advantage. Through the lens of social impact, investors are often able to identify new opportunities.

It’s about making growth more sustainable, more responsible and more impactful. It means prioritizing social progress and scale solutions worldwide to live sustainably.

Get the government involved

Impact investing has the potential to grow in Indonesia, but the industry needs full support from the government in order to reduce risks and challenges.

Some of the challenges include currency instability, high tax for investors, unclear local regulations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices that focus on donations as opposed to sustainable impact.

In order for the industry to advance, it is important that the government create  regulations and enabling environment for  investors and social entrepreneurs to grow

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