Govt formulates adaptive energy policies to handle global disruption

Bogor, West Java (ANTARA) – The Indonesian government has formulated adaptive policies to resolve global challenges beleaguering the industry sector, specifically in relation to energy and mineral resources.

The government has implemented various programs and policies to bolster the competitiveness of the national industry amid global uncertainty, Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita stated at a work meeting here on Monday.

Efforts to ensure the supply of energy and raw materials for the industry sector have included utilizing natural gas and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of natural gas distribution, he noted.

This has been done by establishing a natural gas price (HGBT) policy, he said.

The Industry Minister underlined that the principle governing energy provision for the industry is the justice-based no-one-left-behind principle. Thus, the entire industry sector must receive the same benefit from the HGBT policy.

Within the green industry program in the energy sector, the program is being implemented through the establishment of the Energy Profession Certification Institute (LSP) to certify energy auditors and managers.

The program is also encouraging investment in rooftop photovoltaic power stations and business climate improvement by industry actors.

To bolster domestic product utilization within the energy and mineral resources sector, the program is seeking to optimize the government’s spending on domestic product utilization within the sector.

“The impact simulation result from BPS (Statistics Indonesia) shows that domestic products implementation within government goods and services procurement worth Rp400 trillion can increase GDP growth by 1.7 percent from the baseline,” Kartasasmita explained.

Moreover, the government is encouraging the implementation of the electric vehicle development road map through upstream-downstream integrated ecosystem development, he informed.

This is being done to expedite the energy transition in the transportation sector from fuel oil to electricity through the development of electric vehicles.

Source: ANTARA
Editor: Rahmad Nasution