Global AgriFoodTech Investment Report 2023 by AgFunder

AgFunder is one of the world’s most active foodtech and agtech VCs. They are rethinking venture capital for the 21st century. Born online in 2013, they use technology, media and network effects to invest in and support transformational founders and technologies. Their news site AFN publishes daily, original news from the frontlines of food+ag+climate, globally.

Collaborating with their global ecosystem partner Temasek, AgFunder release The Global AgriFoodTech Investment Report 2023. This report showcases the key insight around agrifoodtech, from biggest category e-grocery, market, up to biggest regional increase and category increase.

The global agri-food system is critical to supporting human life and yet as a system, is inefficient, inequitable, and causing inordinate strain on the planet. The US$10 trillion global food industry currently feeds a population of 8 billion people. These figures are expected to rise by 2050: the UN predicts that, compared to 2010 levels, there will be a 60% increase in overall food demand and a 73% increase in animal protein demand, with the expected global population rising above 9 billion.

Existing food production practices account for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, 70% of freshwater usage, and 80% of deforestation worldwide. Geopolitical instability, protectionist government policies and unpredictable weather events have also fueled a global food crisis, with food price inflation threatening global food security.

The need to invest for a resilient food system, that is also part of the climate change solution, has never been greater.

Data from Global AgriFoodTech Investment Report 2023 by AgFunder

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Source: AgFunder