BUILDing resilience in systems: Indonesia’s AMAN

Indigenous peoples in Indonesia live under increasing threats to their land and sovereignty due to deforestation and the extraction of natural resources. A bedrock of support for them is AMAN, which represents over 2,000 Indigenous communities across the archipelago—more than 17 million people across 21 regional chapters. With national headquarters in Jakarta, AMAN advocates for their rights at the government level and provides technical and financial support to local chapters to protect the Indigenous way of life through community service, storytelling, and education programs. AMAN, an organization funded under our Natural Resources and Climate Change program, is also part of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, which advocates for Indigenous people globally and positions them as key to fighting climate change.

In 2017, AMAN received a Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD) grant from Ford. BUILD, modeled on trust based philanthropy, provides five years of flexible funding, along with an array of tools, to help make organizations stronger and more resilient. AMAN used this funding to make transformational changes to its operating systems that proved vital during COVID-19. Rukka Sombolingg, secretary general of AMAN, explains BUILD’s impact in her own words and by translating those of her colleague, Eustobio Rero Renggi, deputy secretary general of AMAN on organizational affairs.

Source: Ford Foundation
Author: Ford Foundation