About intra

INTRA is a space dedicated to learn, reflect and exchange thoughts on Impact Investment and social entrepreneurship.

INTRA is the first think tank dedicated to impact investment in Indonesia. 

With ANGIN and its partners’ proven experiences in problem solving cases on the ground, we are here to fill in the missing gaps in the Impact Investment scene in Indonesia. INTRA strives to prepare the next generation of future leaders and change makers through democratizing knowledge, providing opportunities and bringing people closer together, supported by The Ford Foundation and Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Indonesia


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Knowledge Generation

Generating thought leading papers and insights  based on best practices of impact investment in Indonesia.

Knowledge Hosting

Melting pot platform to host various insights about impact investment in Indonesia.

Knowledge Distribution

Distributing the knowledge gathered to democratize access of impact investment in Indonesia.


Intellectual Integrity

Speak and listen to reason, building strong impact ecosystem with collective thorough narrative.

Collaborative and Insightful

Driving insights through investment in collective knowledge & excellence from the field.

Agree to disagree

Fostering innovations through different yet respected opinions based on various
experiences on the ground.

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