A Guide to Gender Lens Acceleration

Accelerators providing business support to entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as they prepare entrepreneurs for growth and serve as a pipeline for investors. The gender gap in acceleration is very apparent: only 13% of applicants are women-led teams compared to 52% male-led and 35% mixed teams1. This means that women entrepreneurs are less likely than their male counterparts to access and benefit from the business, network, and investment support that accelerators provide. 

Our research showed that challenges such as low-growth industries, lack of confidence, balancing family responsibilities with entrepreneurial demands, and lack of capital contribute to women entrepreneurs being more likely than their male peers to be stuck in the early phases of venture development and prevent them from making the leap to creating scalable high-growth ventures. Because of this there is opportunity to make significant gains toward a gender-equitable entrepreneurship landscape. Increasing the number of women starting and succeeding in entrepreneurship is a systemic issue with many different possible intervention points for the various actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Source: Impact HUB